Therapy Group 2022

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Myself and Catherine O'Riordan will be facilitating a therapy group in 2022, designed for qualified counsellors and pychotherapists. 

Informed by Gestalt group principles, alongside the three-fold inner child approach, the aim of the group is to foster a sense of security, experimentation, belonging and intimacy in such a way as to lead to the enhanced autonomy and self-actualisation of each individual as their most adult self.

There are fourteen places. (If for COVID related reasons we need to move from in-person to online 14 is a group size that is still workable.) 

The therapy group will meet weekly for 10 weeks starting September 21st 2022 and finishing on November 23rd 2022. It will take place for 2 hours on a Thursday evening between 7pm-9pm.

The cost is £45 a group session and participants will need to pay for all ten sessions prior to the commencement of the group. We will need a deposit of £100 to secure your place. The total cost is £450, the remainder of which can be paid in installments.


Alan Martin

I'm Alan, a Integrative Relational Psychotherapist and NHS Primary Care counsellor who works in Nottingham. I will be a co-facilitator in this therapy group. 


Catherine O'Riordan

Catherine is a developmentally based, relationally focused Integrative Psychotherapist and Supervisor. She works out of her home office in Nottingham and will be a co-facilitator in this therapy group.