Private Practice


Types of therapy: Humanistic, Integrative, Psychodynamic, Transactional Analysis.

Weekly Sessions

£40 for 50 minutes

Free Initial Phone Consultation 

Counselling Contract 2022

I work in Private Practice from Counselling Xtra in the Carrington. This is a contemporary, discreet office with ample parking and easy access to local travel services. 

I work in a way that aims to provide and promote positive relationships, boundary setting and the exploring of the way we that we communicate: both within ourselves and to others.  Over time you can make and take new space for yourself and discover new choices in life. Therapy can help us discover how previous relational patterns, fixed beliefs and introjects affect the way that we relate and feel in our current lives.  I will support you to find new more creative ways to resolve the problem or crisis you are facing. Through therapy you can feel less burdened by the past and face life with new strength and ardour. 


I believe in promoting personal choice, growth and autonomy. I am passionate about my work and aim to provide a positive counselling experience.