As a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist I believe that we are born with the resources and potential to be in rewarding contact with other human beings and lead a satisfying, creative life.  However, often during our early years of life - and sometimes later on - something interrupts this process and a person becomes stuck in fixed patterns and beliefs about themselves that hinder them.  During our time together there will be the opportunity to uncover how these patterns are still active and affecting current life.  I hope to support you to find new more creative ways to resolve the problem or crisis you are facing.  

I practice what is called Relational Therapy. This means that I believe that the patterns that emerge in our relationships - with our friends, our family, our colleagues and also ourselves - are key to who we are and how we feel. That list will also include our relationship, as we may be discussing deep issues and feelings. You will notice that I pay attention to what happens between us and will invite you to do the same.