About Me


I am an Integrative Relational Psychotherapist and NHS Primary Care counsellor.


I have worked with referrals form GPs, Midwives, Social Services and Self-Referral. I can work Face to Face on Telephone, Video and with Translators. 


I am also now offering group therapy together with my friend, colleague and mentor Catherine O’Riordan who I have known for over ten years. I am therefore familiar with her inner child approach which focuses on the growth of the adult to support the wounded inner child and liberate the eternal inner child.

My Credentials

In 2017 I completed my BACP certified BSc (Hons) in Integrative Psychotherapy with the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute. My placement was with Nottingham Counselling Service where I worked with a diverse range of people both short and long term. During this time, I was also a member of a therapy group that has been running in Nottingham from since the 1980's. For the past two years post-graduation I have been working for Trent PTS, an NHS IAPT service together with running my private practice. My post-graduation development has included ‘Compassionate Minds’, ‘Counselling for Depression’ and ‘Person Centred Counselling'. In 2022 I start my Gestalt Group Facilitation training. 

My Story

I am cis-male, 43-year-old, White British, married to a cis-female and live in Carlton. I am originally from Ipswich Suffolk and moved to Forest Fields Nottingham in 2006. Music and travel have always been a passion of mine, travelling extensively in the early 2000's and promoting avant-garde gigs in the Nottingham area while working as a support worker in the health care sector. Around 2013 I had the realisation that my lifestyle was catching up with me and decided it was time for change. I had always enjoyed going to the pub and parties but now my drinking was affecting my relationships and the people closest to me. This was when I stopped drinking, entered therapy for the first time and began reading the works of Carl Rogers. I was on the road to being a therapist myself.